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A South Florida blogger of A Glam Lifestyle who shares her love of high fashion and home decor through chic moments of day-to-day life. Amanda hopes to inspire women and help define their style through thoughtful choices and by curating collections of her must-have pieces through her blog.


Entryways Sets the Tone

After moving into a new home a year ago, Amanda set her sights on updating her entryway. She needed lighting that would not only be a statement piece for the interior but also for the exterior as it could be seen through the three windows above the front door. The tricky part? High vaulted ceilings! The light fixture had to be proportional to the space, blend well with the décor and cast the right glow. And not to mention, be husband approved!

Entryway lighting can make a welcoming first impression and sets the tone for the rest of your home. When Amanda first moved in, there were a lot of silver and polished finishes that she wanted to change out. Starting with the chandelier, she wanted the gold tones to carry though the rest of the home.

“Your entryway lighting is the first thing people see when you welcome them in, and the last thing they’ll remember after they leave. Find a chandelier or some amazing sconces that speak to your style. Our home is boho chic with a touch of glamour, so this fixture was absolutely perfect.”


Glass, Glamour and Gold

The chandelier had to have all three! She wanted something with a gold touch that looked modern and fresh. After searching for a piece that had to hit all of the must-haves, she struck gold with the stunning Calypso 6 Light Crystal Teardrop Chandelier. Chandeliers add a bold, glamorous look to your entryway, aside from their obvious functionality.

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