Lighting up the Holidays: Tips to Make Your Dining Room Dazzle

For many, the holiday season goes hand in hand with entertaining. Needless to say, the dining room is usually the main hub of the house, so getting the lighting and ambiance right are crucial. We’ve compiled a list of dining room must-haves that will be sure to dazzle your family and friends.

Start with the Chandelier, the True Centerpiece

Whether indoor or outdoor, a chandelier creates even light distribution over a dining table, eliminates unappealing shadows and connects everyone under a warm glow. Choose unique fixtures that draw the eyes to the space and sets the right tone. Textural lighting with a metal framework delivers sophistication and glamour adding a whimsical play of light. Geometric lighting creates a clean, simple design that floats above the table. Why not dress your home with lighting fixtures that doubles as art?

Pick a Theme

Pick a color scheme or theme to use throughout your space. Get creative and use gold and silver tones instead of the traditional red or green. Tie the décor into the mantel, shelving and holiday table setting.

Go for Gold

Dress up a dull space with gilded splendor. Set the table with metallic accents for an instantly glamorous feel. A touch of gold can brighten up a dining room, add personality to a powder room, or a bit of glamour to your living area.

Follow these simple and festive tips to step up your dining room decor this holiday season.

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