Lighting 101: How to Choose the Right Lighting Fixtures Room by Room

Lighting plays a crucial role in designing a functional space. It is one of the essential tools in transforming a room, whether it is for productivity, entertainment, or to create a relaxing environment. Pulling together a lighting scheme room by room can be a daunting task, and we are here to help you build your lighting plan.

We sat down with Brian Kleinberg, President of Elements at Home Lighting Showroom, who shared with us his insights and expertise on how to choose the right light for each room.  Elements at Home, located in Carle Place, New York, is Long Island’s largest lighting and home decor showroom. 

“First things to keep in mind when selecting lighting fixtures is the other finishes and metals in the room which would include cabinet hardware, appliances, sinks, faucets, and shower-heads. Depending on personal preference you can stick to all the same finish or have fun with mixing metals. Once you identify the finish you want, then it is all about size and scale that will be appropriate for the room without being inadequate or overwhelming.

 Kitchen: Dinner is Served!

Let’s start with the heart of the home, the kitchen.  Try a trio of Crystorama Calypso Mini Pendants, over your kitchen island to brighten it up. Hang your pendants 30” inches above the island. Based on a 7ft island proper spacing of pendants are as follows; 3 mini pendants sized 6”-8” inches are to be installed 18”– 20” inches apart. If using 2 pedants we suggest 12”-16” inches in width placed 24” inches apart.


Dining Room: Dine in Style

For the dining room, a lighting fixture serves two purposes, functionality and room décor.  There are a few factors to keep in mind, size and height of the room and the size of your dining table. If you have a long farmhouse table, try a pair of Brian Patrick Flynn for Crystorama Alston chandeliers instead of one to create a pleasing symmetrical effect.

In a dining room with 8’ ft ceilings, hang your light 30” inches above the table. We recommend the chandelier to be approximately 30”-32” inches in height, and to establish the width of the fixture take 1/2 the width of the table and add 5” inches.  Below is a list of table sizes to reference:

Table Size:

Width: of 45” inches, length: 84” inches, chandelier size:  28”-29” inches

Width: of 50” inches, length: 102” inches, chandelier size:  30”-32” inches

Width: of 60” round, chandelier size:  30”-33” inches 


Bedrooms: Shine Bright

Bedrooms are a great place to let your lighting personality shine with a statement light, such as the Crystorama Luna chandelier. Before you begin your search for the perfect light, make sure you have the size of the room and ceiling height.  These measurements will determine the width and diameter of your fixture and whether you choose a ceiling mount, semi-flush mount, or chandelier.  The easiest way to find the right fixture dimension is to add the room's length and width and convert that to inches. Example: 10’ft + 10’ft will equal a 20”inch lighting fixture.


Bathroom: Glam it up

Sconces, task lighting, and chandeliers are all great options for bathroom lighting. Let’s start with the powder room. It is best to add sconces at eye level on each side of the mirror. When lighting a vanity area aim to fully surround the face with flattering light by installing a fixture that is at least 24” inches wide (vanity being a minimum of 30” inches) above the mirror; for a single vanity. This size fixture will provide a shadowless illumination (when the light is diffused thru an opal glass) perfect for applying make-up or shaving. If your master bath has an open concept tub and high ceilings, don’t be scared to make it glamorous by adding a chandelier. Your lighting fixture should be 8’ft above the highest point of the tub. Make it a priority to work with a certified electrician, who knows all lighting codes for your state town.

The right light can make or break a room. We hope our Lighting 101 guide gives you all the information you need to light each room in your home effortlessly. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment, and we will get back to you.