“JACKIE” OF ALL TRADES: Designer Jessica Koltun


From Interior Designer to Real Estate Agent to managing construction projects for her clients, you can catch this former competitive equestrian on her Instagram wearing a pink construction hat and taking charge of demo projects.

We recently had the pleasure of partnering with Jessica Koltun on a recent house flip in Dallas, Texas where she was the realtor, investor, and designer. We wanted to know more about this multi-talented, sledgehammer swinging, power lady, and how it all came to be.

How did you know this is the industry for you, and how did it develop into a full-service business?

Jessica: I knew I always wanted to be an Interior Designer from a young age when I would stay up all night rearranging furniture and painting my room.  I went to school for Interior Design and began working for a residential firm with high profile clients. The clients were buying and selling multiple properties, so it dawned on me to get my Real Estate license.  Since 2017, I have been buying, designing, and selling homes for clients and investors! It just all came together and made sense.


Can you tell us about the rooms you recently designed and what inspirited it?

Jessica:  I was inspired by the energy of Dallas city life and the relaxed elements of its rural country setting. I wanted to create a space that was fun but also very comfortable for my clients to enjoy. I styled it in my signature Country Contemporary design that blends contemporary finish with country elements since we are in Texas after all. I wanted the spaces to feel elegant but also very livable. 

We are a big fan of your choice of lighting (LOL). How did you come to pick these particular fixtures?

Jessica: I picked these particular light fixtures because they are indeed a work of art and were the jewels the rooms I designed.  They work so well with modern and traditional decor.  

The Julien, which is one of my favorites, with its tiered glass teardrops, add a glamorous feel to the room. The Broche ceiling mount is like an added piece of art to this room. The gold petals spread light throughout giving this bedroom a warm glow and ambiance.

Decorating a room can be difficult. What is some advice you have for aspiring decorators or for anyone just trying to change up a space?

Jessica: Don’t be scared to try something new. Not everything needs to match. We are seeing bedrooms with two different dressers and mixing of metal finishes.  Pick a dominant metal and then throw in an accent of another metal to make your space feel more custom and unique. 


What kind of interior design projects do you like to take on and why?

Jessica: I like to take on projects in which a full gut is needed to change the space completely. I live for the dramatic before and after, and love to see the spaces transform throughout the entire process. You’ll always see me on Instagram with my pink hard hat and sledgehammer ready to take it down. Then I build it back up, and it is the most amazing feeling when it all comes together.


Are there colors you prefer more than others?

Jessica: My favorite color is any thing in blue, but my top pick is Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore because it is so soothing and can act as a neutral in a darker navy color. I think every color can work in the space if you like it, so no color is off limits.


What is inspiring you in 2019?

Jessica: Currently, I am inspired by natural elements and neutral textures that make a space feel more collected and layered.  I'm inspired by the colors that we find in nature that subtly gives a very calming effect when used indoors. I also get inspiration from my travels. There is so much to see out there and take in. I bring back some inspiration from each of my trips. 

To see more of Jessica’s current demo and travels check her out at:

Wedsite: https://www.jkoltun.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JessicaKoltun/