Q & A with Libby Langdon on Her Lighting Collection and Designing Outdoor Living Spaces

Designer, author and home-makeover TV personality Libby Langdon is the creative force behind New York City–based design firm Libby Interiors, Inc. Having a wealth of knowledge in how to make a home beautiful, Libby is giving us some tips and advice on how to get our outdoor living spaces ready for entertaining or simply relaxing this summer season. Plus, she'll share the best way to set the perfect ambiance using her lighting collection with Crystorama.

Can you tell us about your collection with Crystorama?

Libby: As an interior designer, a good lighting scheme is one of the most essential tools in transforming a room; it’s the best way to create a warm and inviting feel. Relying solely on recessed lights is not enough, so consider hanging fixtures, which add an entirely different level of light as well as anchor the design of the room. A chandelier or pendant fixture can visually help delineate a space and add a chic focal point; it becomes a place for the eye to rest while glancing around a room.

In designing my collection for Crystorama, I wanted to make sure that each fixture offers a great spread of light in a room as well as a whole lot of style!

We know you love to entertain outdoors, can you tell us what is most important to you when creating an outdoor ambiance?

Libby: One of the most essential elements to outdoor entertaining is lighting; the “interrogation” floodlight hanging off the side of your house is great for security but pretty much kills the ambiance of any outdoor entertaining. These days there are so many stylish all-weather outdoor lighting fixtures that are as beautiful as any indoor chandelier. Paired with outdoor lamps and candlelight, you’re able to create a soft, illuminated environment outside for guests that is warm and inviting.  It’s one of the reasons I was so passionate about creating outdoor lighting collections with Crystorama; lighting is one of the essential elements when entertaining outdoors at night!

Tell us about some of the highlights and characteristics within your outdoor collections?

The Jennings Collection –

Libby: We’ve done so well with my Jennings indoor collection in the polished nickel and aged brass finish that I wanted to re-imagine it as an outdoor collection in a rich dark bronze finish. It’s a whole new take on my timeless trellis pattern, and although it’s rated for outdoor use, it can undoubtedly be used indoors as well, bringing big style inside or outside.

A statement fixture with a pattern like the Jennings can add a big design look and also the right amount of light to an outdoor space!

I prefer a diffused outdoor lighting fixture rather than seeing an installation with an exposed bulb. This is one of the reasons I love my Jennings collection so much, there’s still a considerable amount of light given off, but it’s a warm and inviting look.

The Sylvan Collection –

Libby: With My Sylvan outdoor collection for Crystorama, I worked to update the typical outdoor lantern with a fresh look in a rich black finish, and the outer frame feels open and airy. I’m excited because my Sylvan outdoor lighting collection answers the call for beautiful outdoor lighting that isn’t cookie cutter. It offers an unexpected design punch to your outdoor spaces but can also be used indoors!

What are your favorite pieces and why?

Libby: I adore the Jennings lamppost, and think it makes a real style statement and can announce a homeowner's personal style when people see it! I also really love the Sylvan double-arm sconce; its size is great, and I think it’s one of the most stylish fixtures. I’m excited to use them at my house in Sag Harbor!

What do people tend to overlook when designing outdoor living spaces?

Libby: I’m a big believer that our outdoor spaces should be as dynamic as our indoor spaces, so it’s about creating the same comfortable, intimate, and livable feel in our exterior spaces. Just buying a dining table and a few chairs and slapping them on your deck is a missed opportunity to enjoy outdoor living! It’s important to think of your outdoor space as the fifth room in your home. People can take design chances with their outdoor areas; have fun with color and texture; and look at designing the space as you would any indoor room. The best place to start is to think about how you’d like to use your space and then design and furnish it to work for your lifestyle!  

How can you create the right atmosphere for your exterior landscape with lighting fixtures?  

Libby: Make sure there are different levels of light, such as wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, and up-lights in the ground, and have the fixtures at various heights to give the feeling of warmth and total illumination without overwhelming.

What are some of the outdoor lighting trends for 2019?

Libby: I think we will continue to see the theme of bringing the same style and design levels that we expect in our indoor spaces, now moving to our outdoor spaces. I also think we will see mixing metals and finishes in outdoor lighting, mixing bronze with silver, white with black. It’s all about the material mash up for 2019.

Having access to outdoor space is an absolute luxury. Whether you have a spacious terrace or a charming little patio, you're sure to find inspiration from Libby’s tips and advice.

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