Q & A with Brian Patrick Flynn on his first outdoor lighting collection

HGTV Design Star and producer Brian Patrick Flynn is a sought-after interior decorator based in Atlanta. Flynn is known for his bold use of color, eclectic blend of design styles and a mix of affordable price points.  This season Brian collaborated with us to design his first original collection of lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor settings.  We asked Brain about his lighting collection and design tips for outdoor living spaces.    


Q:  This is your first debut in lighting design. What characteristics define your collection?

A: Scale and proportion and the overall idea of walking the line between modern and traditional.


Q: What are your favorite pieces and why?


A: The 2-light Capsule sconces are my favorite because for years I had been looking for something for outdoor use that was pill-shaped and also kind of space age in style but with a bit of a warmer, industrial touch. So the matte black finish with the small touch of antique brass mixed with the pure white globe hits all the notes I wanted: flattering light output, large scale, classic finish, and fresh, modern style.


Q: Tell us about some of the highlights within your new outdoor collections?

A: A lot of the ideas came from the dark and moody landscapes of Iceland. All of the basalt columns with their matte black surfaces and the beautiful jagged icebergs and glaciers, you can see a lot of that in the Glacier collection and also Capsule.


Q:  When designing your lighting collection how do you begin the process?

A:  First I start with scale and proportion and figure out how the fixtures will look both close up and from far away, and how they will fill vertical or horizontal space. To me, the scale is everything, and since lighting is where I add a lot of drama, I love to make a statement both with sconces and with pendants or chandeliers.

Brian Patrick Flynn[2].jpg


Q: What is your favorite design trick for creating a welcoming outdoor patio setting?

A: First is to make sure it gets just as much use after dark as it does during the day. I am huge with mood lighting and insist on installing dimmers on every fixture. Maximize your seating with super comfy sectionals, and use color with accessories such as throw pillows and outdoor rugs.


Q: Can you use exterior lighting fixtures indoors?

A: You can use outdoor lighting inside the house, and my trick was to create fixtures that genuinely look like they are made for INDOOR use. It is especially helpful when making an outdoor living space feel more like an indoor room that happens to be open to the elements



Q: What should you budget for when selecting exterior lighting?

A: I love a mix of ceiling lighting AND sconce lighting on the exterior walls.  I usually budget about $200 for every fixture I plan to have installed, and if I plan to add more junction boxes, I double that total for every new box added.


Q: How can you create the right atmosphere for your exterior landscape with lighting fixtures?

A: Sconces change EVERYTHING. I love flanking a front entry with large scale sconces that cast light onto the nearby landscaping, but the biggest bang for your buck is investing in a lighting plan with uprights pointed up at trees and larger bushes.